Restoration Services


Chalfont Auto Tags is approved to immediately restore driver's licenses (including CDL drivers) upon eligibility. If you have met all your requirements and only need to either pay a restoration fee or provide proof of insurance – or both – we can restore your driving privileges instantly! We can also provide a letter – instantly – that will detail the requirements necessary to restore your driving privileges.


Restoring your registration privileges can be as easy as providing us with proof of your current insurance and paying a restoration fee once your suspension time (90 days) has been served. This can be done instantly in our office. Please bring your plate number (or VIN), and PA driver's license.

Note: Should you maintain the same insurance company that you had prior to your suspension, we will require a letter (on company letterhead) from your insurer stating your name, address, policy number, valid and expiration dates, and VIN number signed by your agent. This letter will be forwarded for processing and is not eligible for immediate restoration.

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