Registration Services



Chalfont Auto Tags provides instant registration renewal service, immediately giving you a registration card and sticker. You will need to bring current proof of insurance and your PA driver's license and this service includes heavy trucks (over 26,001#). Proof of payment of Heavy Vehicle Tax (Schedule I) is required when your vehicle has a registered gross or combination weight of 55,000 lbs or more.


Chalfont Auto Tags can replace lost registration cards, stickers and license plates on the spot. You will need to bring your current PA driver's license and either a license plate number or VIN for the vehicle. Specific to a lost license plate: all individuals who appear on the registration card need to be present with current PA driver's licenses.


Moved?? Chalfont Auto Tags is able to change your address for your registration card(s) immediately. Remember to bring current PA driver's license.


Duplicate title requests can be processed within 10 - 15 days for an additional fee. All parties on the original title (or current registration card as it is the same) must be present with PA driver's licenses for processing. Please be sure to bring the VIN number or other identifying information (registration/insurance card).

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